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Natural Language

Explore the fundamental and advanced concepts of NLP and its role in current and emerging technologies. Gain a thorough understanding of modern neural network algorithms for the processing of linguistic information.

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Key Features

  • Gain experience with handson exercises

  • Instructor led training

  • Flexibility of learning in class or online

  • Industry exposure – Use Cases

  • Learn by doing – Assignments, Tasks

  • Curriculum – par with Industry

  • Innovative Approach – Discussions, Quiz, webinar

  • Project Based Learning Approach

  • Capstone Projects

  • Solutions for your skill gaps

  • Upskilling and Level Setting

  • Dedicating mentoring sessions from industry experts

  • Career Support

  • Industry valued Certificate


Weekends/ WeekdaysOnline Training
Instructor Led
FlexibleINR 38000
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Weekends/ WeekdaysClassroom TrainingFlexibleINR 35000
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Prerequisite : Python, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning


N Gram Models, Bag of N grams, TF-IDF, word2vector, Smoothing, Interpolation, Clustering and Latent Semantic Analysis, Corpus, WordNet, Raw Text, Sourcing, web scraping, Regular expressions, and Normalization, Tokenization, Stemming, Lemmatization , Stopwords, Distance between two strings, NLTK , Spacy

POS tagging and Grammars, Context Free Grammars, Probabilistic CFG, Recursive CFG, Chunking, Sentence Parse, Dependency grammar, Projective Dependency

Information Extraction in Text- Classification, Named Entity Recognition, Creating, inversing, and using dictionaries, Segmenting sentences using classification

NLP pipeline, Text similarity problem, Resolving anaphora, Disambiguating word sense, Sentiment analysis, Chatbot

Classification of emails using deep neural networks after generating TF-IDF, IMDB sentiment classification using CNN, IMDB sentiment classification using bidirectional LSTM, Visualization of high-dimensional words in 2D with neural word vector visualization

Capstone Project – I

Capstone Project – II

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