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Machine Learning

Machine Learning professionals in the industry are in high demand but it is crucial to have relevant skills and exposure to be able to capitalise on these opportunities. This Course offered by VYOAM enables candidates to make the transition to high-growth careers in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science.

Video-Course Description

Key Features

  • Gain experience with handson exercises

  • Instructor led training

  • Flexibility of learning in class or online

  • Industry exposure – Use Cases

  • Learn by doing – Assignments, Tasks

  • Curriculum – par with Industry

  • Innovative Approach – Discussions, Quiz, webinar

  • Project Based Learning Approach

  • Capstone Projects

  • Solutions for your skill gaps

  • Upskilling and Level Setting

  • Dedicating mentoring sessions from industry experts

  • Career Support

  • Industry valued Certificate


Weekends/ WeekdaysOnline Training
Instructor Led
FlexibleINR 36000/-
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Weekends/ WeekdaysClassroom TrainingFlexibleINR 30000/-
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Prerequisite : Python, Data Science


Fundamentals of Machine learning, Preprocessing, Prediction algorithms, Classification algorithms and Clustering algorithms, Market Basket Analysis, Affinity analysis,

Pre-processioning using Scikit learn, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning,  Dimensionality Reduction algorithms

Getting started with TensorFlow, Loading and exploring the data, Data transformation & Data segmentation,Tensor and matrix operations, Computational graphs

Data pipelines, Dataset framework & manipulations, Loading data for classifiers, extracting data, loss function, optimization, accuracy and model training using TensorFlow

Capstone Project – I

Capstone Project- II

Tools Covered

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