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This course provides in depth practical approach to learn how to make web applications a success by maintaining code, increasing reusability, fixing bugs, and using effective template and interface systems using Django. For a web developer or aspiring to be one then it is prudent to learn about robust and reusable web frameworks that will help to develop successful web applications.

Video-Course Description

Key Features

  • Gain experience with handson exercises

  • Instructor led training

  • Flexibility of learning in class or online

  • Industry exposure – Use Cases

  • Learn by doing – Assignments, Tasks

  • Curriculum – par with Industry

  • Innovative Approach – Discussions, Quiz, webinar

  • Project Based Learning Approach

  • Capstone Projects

  • Solutions for your skill gaps

  • Upskilling and Level Setting

  • Dedicating mentoring sessions from industry experts

  • Career Support

  • Industry valued Certificate


Weekends/ WeekdaysOnline Training
Instructor Led
FlexibleINR 35000/-
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Weekends/ WeekdaysClassroom TrainingFlexibleINR 32000/-
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Prerequisite : Python


  • Overview, Syntax, Attributes
  • Events, Web Forms 2.0, SVG
  • MathML, Web Storage, Web SQL Database
  • Server-Sent Events, WebSocket
  • Canvas, Audio & Video, Geolocation
  • Microdata, Drag & drop, Web Workers
  • IndexedDB, Web Messaging, Web CORS
  • Web RTC, Web Storage, Server Sent Events
  • Canvas, Audio Players, Video Players
  • Geo-Location, Drag and Drop, Web Worker
  • Web slide Desk, SVG Generator, MathML
  • Velocity Draw, QR Code, Validation
  • Modernizr, Validation, Online Editor
  • Color Code Builder
  • Introduction, Syntax, Inclusion
  • Measurement Units, Colors, Backgrounds
  • Fonts, Text, Images, Links, Tables
  • Borders, Margins, Lists, Padding
  • Cursors, Outlines, Dimension, Scrollbars
  • Visibility, Positioning, Layers, Pseudo Classes
  • Pseudo Elements, @ Rules, Text Effects
  • Media Types, Paged Media, Aural Media
  • Printing, Layouts, Validations
  • Rounded Corner, Border Images
  • Multi Background, Color
  • Gradients, Shadow, Text, Web font
  • 2d transform, 3d transform
  • Animation, Multi columns
  • User Interface, Box Sizing
  • Introduction
  • Django Installation and Configuration
  • Basic Views, Advanced Class Based Views
  • Templates and Urls, Models
  • Databases, Migrations
  • Simple User Authentication System
  • Login & Session Variables, Social Registration
  • Template Language & Static Files
  • Bootstrap Integration
  • Static File Compression
  • Preparing the Storefront
  • Adding a Shopping Cart
  • File Upload, Forms
  • Advanced Emailing
  • Adding a Map Representation
  • Advanced Map Usage
  • Building a Web Service
  • Signals

Adding the Django Debug Toolbar, Unit Testing, Logging

Capstone Project -I

Capstone Project -II

Tools Covered

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